Wedding Planning Resources for a Small Wedding

February 6, 2021

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Wedding Planning Resources for a Small Wedding

So your situation may have changed as rapid as a white water ride. But now is certainly the moment to either sink or swim. Pandemic or not, are you looking to plan a small wedding?

Hold on tight folks as we guide you through the maze of wedding planning resources you will need to enjoy the big day.

First things first, you might want to plan a color scheme for your joyous occasion. Be it glorious green or terrific teal, we have tested and tried some of the best resources out there. Apps such as Pantone Studio offer a snappy alternative to searching for your chosen tone. Get it?

If you love that striking silver color in that restaurant or a certain cerise take your fancy then this app covers all the matrimonial bases. Simply load this must have baby up, take a shot of the color in question and it will recognize the exact shade. Nifty.

So if you or your bride or goo goo about forest green or nutty about cocoa brown, select your very own palette. Yes, your wedding may be an intimate affair but you can go large on everything else. Consult our top resource picks below for a comprehensive lowdown on how to turn your small wedding into a large scale party.

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Venues and Seating

One of the most important aspects to get right on the night is organizing your dream venue and seating arrangements. And this is just as important when it comes to a small wedding.

Step in Wedding Spot offering an extensive directory search to find your specific venue. Often ranked at the top of Google searches, this online tool is extremely useful for those couples who are starting from scratch. Search local venues and further afield in order to achieve your objective.

Discover more than a staggering 10,000 venues at your fingertips for the ultimate match. From Manhattan to San Francisco, you can have the chance to benefit from exclusive discounts and deals saving lots of dollars regarding fees.

If you want to ace your venue layout and ensure auntie and great uncle Harry get along, look no further than AllSeated. An excellent resource for visualizing table plans, just drop them an image of your chosen venue and whammo a 3-D render of the space is beamed back to you.

Organising your tables is a doddle while you also have the ability to rearrange tables, chairs, furniture and much more. Besides, who wants that distant cousin in the way propping up the bar all night!

Share this with your vendors so everything is spot on and you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable experience.

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Thank Your Bros

One set of guests that you cannot forget about are your groomsmen.

The ones who have been building treehouses, swinging bats, swilling beers and building Lego. Regardless of the fact you may be hosting a smaller event, you will want your homies on your side when you walk the white mile.

Yet a fistbump won’t simply do in these strange and mysterious times. What better way than to give thanks than with a tasteful groomsmen gift they can treasure.

Smack on personalization including your man’s name, initials or the wedding date itself for a truly one of a kind gift. And there is a gift for every dapper gent. For drinks connoisseurs, think customized shot glasses or whiskey glasses while football fiends can enjoy drinking out of their own NFL beer tankard.

Meanwhile, nerd out with his own superhero socks or tap into your buddies’ love of barbecues with a sleek grill set. Don’t forget busy office execs who would love a sophisticated laser engraved pen or custom leather valet tray – ideal for storing keys, wallet or corporate cards.

So man up and head to groomsmen gift source or beau-coup who are at the top of their wedding game for bespoke gifts.

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To Do Lists

Oh there are so many things to plan ahead of the big day. Don’t get your knickers in a twist as we give a big thumbs up to some of the best organizational sites this side of the Mississippi.

Trello is another hot contender thanks to its virtual pinboard where newlyweds can line their options up with easy to use drag and drop functions.

Google Drive is also an excellent resource for all manner of scheduling tools. From excel spreadsheets and PDFs to images anything and everything be shared, stored, edited and uploaded. All you need is a Gmail account.

It doesn’t matter if you have a hundred vendor supplier contacts or budgets the size of the US Treasury. Link it all up via Google Calendar so everyone is in the loop.

Make it Personal 

Create a statement on your momentous day with a beautiful and timeless guestbook.

Make the ultimate impression with your guests and give them the opportunity to leave a special message that will remain long after the champagne has popped.

Sites like Etsy and Guestbook Builder give you an alternative way of producing your very own book with numerous choices, templates and materials at the drop of a wedding hat.

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