How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

April 2, 2023

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If you have chosen our White Glove Assembly option, you can stop reading here and go put your feet up: we’ve got this for you! We will assemble, stuff, stamp, seal and send your suites on your behalf.

If you will be doing the stuffing of the suites yourself, we’ve put together this guide to help you avoid any headaches during the process.

Wax Seal Invitation Suite, on cotton with Hand-torn edges. Watercolor portrait of @thebeachclubevents in the envelope liner
Photography: @madisondelaneyphotography 


The general rule of thumb is to assemble your invitations in order of size. The invitation will be at the back, slipped into the envelope with its left side first. Insert cards should be stacked neatly on top. Response cards should be placed face up under the flap of the return envelope, not inside the envelope. The envelopes should be addressed to whoever will be gathering and organizing the responses and postage should already be applied to each response envelope. 


If your invitation suite comes with a belly band or vellum wrap, these will arrive to you flat, for you to wrap around each suite. It’s really an easy task that you can’t mess up. Rope in your fiancé or bridal party to help and you’ll have the assembly done in no time!

I will provide an example to you so you know where to fold them and how I placed any inserts. Some clients choose to put the inserts on top of the invitation like a tradition suite. Others (myself included) prefer the guests first sees the invite when pulling the suite out of the envelope, so when belly bands or vellum wraps are involved, I layer the inserts behind the main invitation but within the band or wrap.

To adhere the belly bands, you can use a double-sided adhesive. The easiest way is with an adhesive roll like this:
You can find them on amazon, or at Target, Michaels, etc.

If it helps to have a little instruction, here is a link to a video on how I assemble the belly bands:

For wax seals, if they are hand-poured they will be created by us. If they are self-adhesive, they will arrive to you with a removable back for you to stick on like stickers.

Have fun with assembly and mailing! When I was married, this was a fun task that Scott and I did together, with a lot of laughs. We disagreed with the placement of our wax seal and even took to IG to take a poll.

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