Wedding Maps: How To Help Us Design Yours

April 4, 2023

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We love creating custom watercolor maps for weddings and special events. We’ll do the heavy-lifting. We’ll bring the design and technical know-how, but there are a few things we’ll need from you first, to give us the background information we need to customize your map.

Step One: Create a Reference Map

The easiest way to show us the area you want to include, as well as the landmarks, is via a Google Map. Start here:

Make sure you are logged in (via the button at the top right corner.) In the top left corner, next to the search bar, expand the menu and choose “Your Places.” Click Maps and then Create Maps.

A new window will pop up. Please give your name a title and Save.

You can now pinpoint locations manually by clicking the marker icon and placing it directly onto the map, or search for locations using the search box at the top of the screen.

If you’re adding locations manually, you can name the location and save to add it to the map. If you’re searching and adding specific locations, a green marker will appear on the map and you can click the Add to Map link. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each location you wish to include. Please include any notes in your map under the notes section.

To add reference imagery of a venue, building, motif, or icon to signify a specific location, please add a reference image to that marker in your google maps. To do that, click the Marker Bubble, click the Camera Icon in the bottom right-hand corner and upload your image.

Lastly, share your map with me by emailing it to

Step Two: Email Me With Details

As you email your google map to me please include the following information:

  • How do you want your locations named? (do you want what will be there i.e. “The Ceremony” or the name of the location, i.e. “Rosecliff Mansion”
  • Then let me know of any secondary places you may just want called out with text or geographical features you want call out (mountain ranges, lakes etc)
  • Next, let me know if you want symbols, illustrations, or just text as markers for your various locations. For example, if you want symbol style drawings- let me know what you want them to be- a cocktail for welcome drinks, rings for the ceremony etc.
  • Last but not least, any other design direction, such as – do you want a logo, your names and date, a compass rose etc- any specifics, be sure to let me know.

If you don’t feel strongly about these details, or don’t know what may look best, that’s not a problem at all. I’m happy to put together my own design recommendation based on the info you supply.


If you have any questions on the process or would like recommendations as you go, just let me know!

Please note: That if you decide to move forward with the map- you are agreeing to pay for that design work and that piece. If you decide you no longer need the map after it has been created, the full map cost will be included in your final invoice to cover the design time spent creating it.

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